Each year Hawkesbury Model & Hobby Show donates all the profit made from the show to the community. We are proud to have donated in excess of $8500 over the last few years to various organisations.

As an enquiry was recently made regarding the distribution of these donations, we would like to detail how they are handled. Normally the donations are made directly to the recipient group, however this is not the case with the donation made to CF NSW.

Each year there has been a stand promoting the work of CF NSW and raising funds for them. This stand is run by Jeanette Hill and Juliette Curl and is registered with CF NSW as a fund raising activity. It is part of a program of activities they organise each year. It is pleasing that the visitors to our event are so generous that the stand raises more than the donation we make to them. Our donation is made through the stand not directly to CFNSW. While CF NSW is aware of our donation they do not list it separately in their annual report each year. In future the HMHS donation will be listed separately.


About hmhs

Annual show to showcase hobbies in the Hawkesbury district.
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